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5 Fantastic Tips To Achieve Maximum Sexual Pleasure From An Escort

Sex is not only a necessity of the body, it’s also something that meets a desire no other activity can ever match. However, sex can be dull, depending on how the two partners go about it while in bed. Sex is an activity that needs an active mind and expertise, more than it depends on the physical structure of the body.

What makes most men fail in bed is they simply don’t have the confidence it takes to drive a woman into crazy orgasms, which will leave her asking for more. One of the ways you can gain such confidence and get more satisfaction is by having sex with an escort as many times as you can; as with everything, practice makes perfect! Below are some tips to help you achieve maximum satisfaction.

1. Train your muscles
Do you know that muscles of the body go a long way in ensuring that you get the maximum pleasure from sex? It’s not just the pelvic muscles that are engaged when sex is happening. You want to make sure that you train all the body muscles, to gain strength and control over the muscles involved in enhancing pleasure.

2. Flip her around

As much as there are many sex styles, you surely want to go for the one that works out best in helping a male reach their orgasm in a stronger and more pleasurable way. Remember what you came for (Pleasure), and stick to your objectives. The style that works in achieving mind-blowing orgasms is the doggie-style. This is because it stimulates the frenulum (the fold under the penis head) directly. You also have a better chance of hitting the G-spot of the escort, so that you won’t leave her hanging while you reach your orgasm. Remember, making a woman reach her orgasms is also a source of pleasure to a man, and makes them feel proud. However, make sure that you also try out new styles, to avoid the monotony of one style repeatedly.

3. Use Kegels and Mudras

This may be new to you. The Kegel exercise, also known as the vajroli mudra is an exercise that involves contracting the muscles down there as you urinate. According to experts, it is more advisable to do this exercise 15 times in one set, while making sure that you perform at least 3 sets of the same in each day. This lead to delayed gratification when one is in bed, and thus help a lot to help an individual reach maximum sexual pleasure.

4. Use foreplay

Foreplay works wonders when you want to reach your orgasm more slowly and intensely. Using foreplay gives you sexual pleasure and experience for longer periods, unlike quick sessions which become boring and monotonous after a short period.

5. Abstain from orgasm

One thing most men don’t know is that delayed orgasm will always work best when you want to achieve maximum sexual pleasure. Once you reach the highest point of your sexual experience, which means you are at the edge of orgasm, stop for a while, and then start all over again. Do this 2-3 times before reaching the climax, as it will always give more pleasure.

The above tips, when well adhered to, will always help a man to reach their orgasms more pleasingly when compared to plain sex, which is what most men practice, especially when dealing with escorts. Remember you paid for it, and thus you want to make sure that you get the most out of your cash and achieve maximum satisfaction.

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